The Buzz

All year 3-6 children wanted!

We are looking for some brave astronauts to join us for an adventure, boldly going where no Buzz holiday has gone before: exploring, investigating and having a blast!
There will be games inside and games outside, exciting activities and inspiring crafts. You’ll be part of a team of astronauts: making friends and having fun together, and we
will all be finding out about the best news ever from the Bible, by working together as a team and by listening to some short talks.

Who is it for?

If you’re in school years 3-7 and want an amazing, action packed, fun filled half term, then this is the Venture for you!

How much does it cost?

£tbc includes everything you will need from your food to accommodation and activities.

Where is it?

The Buzz is normally held at 2 different venues; 1 near Uttoxeter and the other in Lancaster. Venues for 2022 to be confirmed shortly.

The Buzz – Small Wood Manor

Date : Provisional dates Tuesday 24- Friday 27 May 2022

Location : TBC

Places : TBC

Vacancies : tbc

Leaders : Dave Casson, Aled & Jo Seago

Price : £tbc

More Questions :

Email : Tel: Dave 07505 256582

The Buzz – Lancaster

Date : Provisional dates Tuesday 24- Friday 27 May 2022

Location : tbc

Places : Approx 30 places for ages 8-11

Vacancies : tbc

Leaders : Mark Tomlinson, Pete Boorne, Helen Neville & Steve Boyall

Price : £tbc

More Questions :

Email :
Tel: Helen 01772 456713

The Buzz Residentials are run by CPAS Ventures

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Sadly, due to Covid we have made the decision to cancel all residentials this summer. The different residentials are considering if there are ways to still meet either in person or virtually; please contact the individual leadership teams to find out what is planned. We hope to be running residentials again next year!