We want everyone to be able to join us on these great holidays, where they can have a brilliant holiday and have the opportunity to hear the great news of Jesus. There we have started a Bursary Fund for those who would not otherwise be able to join us.

Applications for help with funds is very straight forward and can be for up to one third the cost of the holiday.

Below are a few guidelines that need to be met to ensure the bursary help.

  1. Either a church leader or holiday leader needs to ensure that the support is needed for the person to attend a holiday. This could either be because of low income, shortage of available money or that the family has more than 3 children attending holidays.
  2. There are a number of different people that might also be able to help financially and therefore we request that if the young person is linked to a church then they help in contributing to (we suggest one third of the holiday cost).

To apply for a bursary all that needs to be done is to complete the form below. This should be done by either a church leader or a parent. If a parent emails please could you also give details of how you heard about Sound Holidays and if you are inked with a church then please state the name and address of the church.


The bursary fund relies completely on donations from individuals that would like to support the vision of Sound Holidays and see young people have the opportunity to enjoy a great holiday and hear the good news of Jesus. If you’d like to donation to the fund then please contact us using the form below. Thanks

    If you have more questions please email us.

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    Sadly, due to Covid we have made the decision to cancel all residentials this summer. The different residentials are considering if there are ways to still meet either in person or virtually; please contact the individual leadership teams to find out what is planned. We hope to be running residentials again next year!