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Summer Camp 2020

The Vibe

There’s sport, swimming, craft, cooking, wide games, or just relaxing in the sun,. There will also be opportunity to explore the city and the Lakes during off-site activities such as going to the beach, mountain biking, caving, rock climbing and more!.

About Us


Partnering together to serve local churches by teaching 8-18 year olds the Bible; training children and youth leaders; and building friendships between young people around our region; all through fun filled residentials and other Sound events throughout the year.


Sound Holidays is run as part of the Northwest Partnership. Leaders and young people on the residentials come from all over the country but a large majority are from churches and young people from within the Northwest.


To serve local churches by offering faithfully Bible teaching, build friendships between young people around our region and help train children and youth leaders all through fun filled holidays.

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Our residentials at a glance

The Buzz

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Quinta and Ashville

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The Vibe

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What People Say

I’ve been an Assistant Leader on camp twice now and have loved it! As well as the practical side, serving meals and setting up rooms, ALs have their own training programme so we’re better equipped to lead young people in the future.

Assistant Leader

I loved all the activities and time with my friends. The food was amazing and the talks and Bible Studies really made me think.

Dan, 11

The buzz was fun and cool. I got to meet lots of new friends. I got to learn lots of new things about God and Jesus that I didn’t know before. It was all too good for me to have a favourite thing, but I did enjoy doing the choice activities.


I love leading on The Buzz; I’d have to say it’s possibly the best week of my year!


One of the things that urges me to go back to camp year after year is the friendships that are formed and developed there.

Ella, 15

The talks were incredibly interesting and easy to grasp- I learnt a lot from them and any questions I had the leaders explained really clearly.

(Lois, 13)

About Us

Sound Holidays is run by North West Youthworks, a part of The North West Partnership - a group of Bible believing evangelicals.


Address: 2 Blackburne Place, Liverpool, L8 7PE Registered charity no.1104423.


Office hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm Telephone: 07785753545Email:

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